with the help of Gem Commercial Credit, Inc.

Providing quality equipment and service is the key to attracting customers. Providing a way for them to afford that equipment is the key to closing those customers.

Cash works well in many circumstances; however, omitting the option of financing may cost you a sale.

Financing programs through Gem Commercial Credit, Inc. were designed to make offering financing…

Simple, Seamless, Closed.

Simple.                   When you contact Gem Commercial, we will:

  • Prequalify the customer prior to your appointment
  • Contact the customer to discuss finance options
  • Gather information for credit approval
  • Prepare, send, and retrieve necessary documents
  • Issue a purchase order
  • Request invoices
  • Fund transaction.


  • Most credit decisions within 4-8 business hours
  • Immediate documentation processing
  • Documents to vendor or lessee, your choice
  • Purchase order issued upon return of documents
  • Daily follow-up on all transactions


  • Experienced agents to help close the sale
  • Immediate payment upon delivery/confirmation

Let us help you unlock your business potential.

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